Welcome to the 2022 Babylon Plants catalogue spreadsheets page

Welcome to the 2022/2023 Babylon Plants catalogue. Due to the extraordinary conditions this spring, our catalogue is very late and we’ve decided this will be a 2 year catalogue, with more up to date prices and sizes regularly updated online. Please note the prices online take precedence over the paper catalogue which is intended more as a guide of our range than a current availability list.

Babylon Plants is a cash and carry wholesale nursery based in south Oxfordshire, where customers are welcome to come and browse the stock beds and containerised stock areas for inspiration or purchase.

Orders can be picked personally or placed via email. Large enquiries are best sent as emails so they can be turned into quotations to be emailed back for confirmation and adjustment to suit the client’s budget. We always acknowledge emails so please call if you receive no response. During busy periods, we may require a minimum of 3 working days between receipt of order confirmation and the availability of the order for collection or delivery.

Babylon Plants grows its own plants as well as sourcing from other growers to offer a complete plant supply service. Mainly grow hardy perennials, ornamental grasses and shrubs, we also carry a wide range of containerised trees and roses. Plants are available in pot sizes from 9cm to 110 Litre.

The catalogue contains descriptions of our plants including preferred growing conditions and descriptions of the flowers, habit, size and foliage of the plants. Heights and flowering months (1-12) are listed at the end of each description. The following abbreviations appear in the descriptions of some plants. AGM-Award of Garden Merit, PP/PBR-Plant Patent, S/Sh-Sun or shade, S/PSh-Sun or partial shade. If you would like the list e-mailed to you as excel spreadsheets, please email The price conversion table at the back of the catalogue allows customers to work out the price of a plant if it is in a different pot size from that listed. Our catalogue prices are ex-VAT which will be charged at the standard rate at the time of invoicing. We’ll be regularly updating our online list on the website, please ask if you want to the password to view prices.

We grow most of our herbaceous stock from seed, cuttings and division. Shrubs are bought in as UK grown liners and grown on. Babylon Plants sources plants from other British growers and nurseries. Bulbs, bare-root and root-balled plants can also be ordered in for autumn and winter. Designers and landscapers are welcome to shop or browse during opening hours – Monday to Friday 8.00am-5.30pm. Please report to a member of staff on arrival. Richard Van den Broek has joined us this year to manage sales and work with our plant picking and sales team.

Please check our website for our current Covid procedures and restrictions.


Discount Structure

Plants bought in multiples of 3 will have a 20% discount.


Changes to Billing, Stock Control and Plant Passporting


During Summer 2020, we’ll be switching our stock control, quoting and invoicing to a new system allowing us to issue plant passports as per the regulations introduced at the end of 2019. Each group of plants will have a plant passport on the label when picked or invoiced. Professionals will need to register with Defra as a user of plants. This allows Defra to contact you should there be a serious disease outbreak. Retail customers and clients of trade customers do not need to register.


Environmental Policy

We believe in running the nursery sustainably with as small an impact on the environment as possible. We recycle, re-use and compost most waste from the nursery. Pests are mostly controlled using biological controls and organic methods and we primarily rely on cultural controls and healthy plants to resist pests and diseases. A wide range of wildlife feeds on pests in the nursery. As a result all sorts of birds, mammals and amphibians live and breed on site, including owls, kestrels, weasels, snakes and newts. Don’t be alarmed, they are all quite shy. Pesticides are used where no alternative is practical, although where possible we deploy protective biocides such as Serenade, Majestik and Prestop. We switched to entirely peat-free compost in 2013. The nursery eco-buildings are heated and provided with hot water by waste logs and wood and our electricity continues be supplied by Ecotricity. The catalogue and our offices all use recycled paper. Due to increased concern about ‘plant miles’ and the spread of diseases, we have restricted stock sourced abroad to those items we cannot source adequately from UK growers. This year, we are following much of the industry in adopting the use of taupe pots for ease of recycling, although sterilisation and re-use remains the preferred and more environmentally friendly option and we will continue to accept and reuse black pots.




We have no minimum delivery amount and can deliver nationwide by courier or pallets. Prices for pallets start from £65.00. Deliveries made using our vehicles charge £80.00 per hour one-way to cover the costs of fuel and wages. For instance, a delivery to Oxford taking half an hour would be billed at £40.00. The minimum delivery charge is £35.00. Deliveries to garden shows and London cost extra due to the additional traffic issues. All costs above exclude VAT @ 20%.

Terms and Conditions


  1. Payment should be prior to delivery or on collection for new customers.
  2. We apologise that we cannot routinely offer credit or accounts.
  3. We accept payment by debit cards, credit cards and cash. BACS payments can be arranged for regular customers. We have stopped taking cheques.
  4. We request a 25-50% deposit on orders of contract grown, reserved and bought in stock. This is non-refundable if orders are already assembled on site and stock is of an appropriate standard.
  5. In default of payment, interest will be added to the outstanding account calculated at a rate of 1% per month.
  6. Any complaint must be made as soon as possible. We will replace plants which are discovered to be the wrong variety or which also have underperformed at the nursery. We will not accept liability for any losses incurred as a result.
  7. This catalogue replaces all previous catalogue prices and terms and conditions. Prices change through the year if alternative stock has been sourced which will be updated regularly on our website. Sun
  8. Pot sizes change throughout the year with our propagation and potting regimes. Smaller pot sizes are often potted on for summer to create bigger more drought-resistant, hardier plants.
  9. All orders, including gathered by customers, will be subject to a 50% surcharge for plants less that 3 per species. This excludes specimens and trees.
  10. All plants remain the property of Babylon plants until paid for in full.
  11. We only deliver to the kerbside/driveway and our drivers are unable to carry plants round a site to the planting location. It is your responsibility to ensure there is a safe location to unload which is directly accessible by our vehicles.
  12. Plants and prices are quoted subject to availability at the time of quotation. Prices and availability may change at the time of order.
  13. Orders must be confirmed in writing or by email. The placing of an order confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in full.
  14. Changes made to an order once it has been confirmed in writing will incur an administration charge commensurate with the level of changes made.